I’ve been a big fan of Melting Mann from the word go. What’s not to like about a dirt road race close to home at the start of the season? Well, you might not like…

  • Riding on an ice rink in year one. I think it is 100% due to Melting Mann that we sold more studded tires in early 2014 than all other years combined.
  • Big ruts. This was year two. Icy, for sure, but the big catastrophe was the frozen ruts in the dirt roads. I myself bounced around like a pinball before hitting the deck.

And it was against this backdrop that this year’s event was painted. Imagine everyone’s relief when we had a chilly morning, a really fast non-sketchy course and a wonderful, sun-warmed after party. Good stuff. Everyone I heard was very complimentary of the course, the volunteers, the after-party, the excellent beer from Goshen Brewing… everything.

Pedal’s hat is off to Melting Mann, and we extend our thanks to Kona and Central District Cyclery for helping us give away a Rove AL to a lucky raffle winner. Fun stuff! Bring on 2017!

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