Darrell Greathouse, veterinarian, dad, bike dude and all around great guy, asked if he could review his new bike somewhere. I said, “Hey, why not write something and I’ll put in on our site.” Lo…

The Stache.  What a great name.  Makes me want to grow some radical facial hair named after a bike component.  Due to multiple unforseen illnesses to my current steed (a 29’er hardtail) I decided to test ride, then pulled the trigger on a 2017 Trek Stache 7.  I picked it up Friday, then rode 40 miles over two days on my two favorite local trails.  I could go into a long review, pros and cons, etc. Yes it is heavy.  But it doesn’t seem like it.  Yes it take some effort to get to full speed.  But when it does, it simply rolls.  On and on.  But let’s break it down to this.  Mountain biking is about having fun.  And the Stache is fun.  It rolls over rooty climbs and doesn’t lose traction.  I can corner and descend with confidence I never had on my 29’er.  And that, my friends, translates into more fun on the trail.  I don’t know if I will be faster at Iceman on that bike.  But I know I will cross the finish line with a grin.  Do I need anything more?


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