We have a highly trained service staff that can perform just about any bicycle repair, from a tube change to suspension service to training wheel installation to electronic drivetrain tuning. Just ask! Our service packages include:

  • Spring Cleaning A comprehensive safety check, lube on the chain, air in the tires and verification of bolt tightness. If you need more, we’ll prepare an estimate.
  • Basic Service Everything above plus bearing adjustment, perfect braking and shifting, wheel inspection and adjustment.
  • Deluxe Service Everything above plus a thorough drivetrain cleaning. Any drivetrain parts and bearings installed at no extra charge.
  • The Maximum Everything above plus a thorough bike detailing and new pads, shift cables, brake cables, and either grips or handlebar tape.

Add-On Services include

  • Bearing Service
  • Drivetrain Cleaning
  • Cable/Housing Labor Kit

Bike Sizing

Bike sizing comes into play as we determine what size frame you need for your particular endeavor

If you want a road/cross/mountain bike, the size determination is based on our judgement and experience. We’ll select a bike, place the bike on a trainer so that you can get a feel for the bike, take appropriate measurements and make adjustments as needed. This service is included with the purchase of most bikes from Pedal.

Bike sizing is important when purchasing a triathlon/TT bike or any custom bike. For these, we go through a protocol (the F.I.S.T. protocol, for those of you keeping score) on our fit bike to determine the ideal points in space for certain components of your bike. We charge $150 for this service, but deduct that cost from a bike purchased from us within 30 days.

Bike Fitting

Bike fitting involves modifying your existing bike to fit your unique physical form to the greatest extent possible. Many folks are on the right size bike, but care has yet to be taken to optimize the bike to the particular needs of the rider. We can do that, and we can do it to varying degrees.

A basic fit is the process by which we determine the precise location of your saddle and your handlebars. We’ll warm you up on the trainer, note the initial configuration of your bike, then measure your body’s angles on the bike and adjust component location as needed. We charge $100 for a basic fit. Please note that a basic fit is a service included with the purchase of every road, cross, mountain and tri bike purchased from Pedal.

A full fit includes all of the components of a basic fit, plus a great deal of attention to the human/bike interface, your feet. We make sure that your cleats are positioned correctly. We look at the physical nature of your feet and potentially modify the cleat/shoe interface to give you full foot contact as you pedal. We look at your lateral knee movement as you pedal and make adjustments as required. A full fit is a big deal, for which we charge $200.

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