Things we’re doing:

  • Melting Mann. The course is fun and the conditions could be anything. Who knows? Not us.
  • Barry-Roubaix is maybe the best thing in the world.
  • Stampede? Yes, please.
  • Tour de Taylor. Fun for all. Great cause. Extraordinary people.
  • In the fall we cyclocross, and so should you. Check out RunUp and KissCross for area races.

Things we like:

  • We love the Trikats , SW Michigan’s grooviest triathlon club.
  • The Kalamazoo Area Runners are one heckuva group with good stuff for any runner.
  • The Kalamazoo Bike Club is your source for all things road riding and Bike Camp.
  • If mountain biking is your thing, check out the local chapter, SWMMBA — good folk doing good stuff.
  • Love that song you heard in the shop? Odds are it was on WIDR
  • Bike Friendly Kalamazoo is a wonderful gang of people working to make our community an even more friendly place for cyclists.

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