It happens in the early spring. It happens when the poison ivy and mosquitos are at their peaks. It happens in the late summer and early autumn.

It’s mountain biking at Fort Custer on Monday. We start riding at 6:00. Speed, duration and route are all based on who shows up and what we want to do. It’s fun and friendly, and you’re invited.

Please note: riding in the mud is super bad for the trails. When in doubt, please check our Facebook page for up-to-the-minute updates.

Monkeys on Typewriters

Each month we go to the zoo and hand out typewriters to monkeys. After a few days, we collect their thoughts and format them into an email newsletter suitable for framing or birdcage lining. Sound good? Enter your email below and check it out.

Note: we will never ever ever ever share your email. Ever. No monkey will contact you directly.