• Miles 5.4
  • Location Grand Rapids
  • easy Trail Bike Route

The Grand River Edges Trail runs in loops on the east and west banks of the Grand River near downtown Grand Rapids. At the south end, the trail crosses back and forth over the river via pedestrian bridges (including a converted railroad trestle), linking many city attractions, including several parks, some museums, the university and the planetarium. Shops, hotels and the convention center are also nearby. This southern segment runs between Fulton Street W. and Coldbrook Street NW.

A disconnected northern segment runs between Ann Street and N. Park Street, just north of Interstate 96/State Route 37. From here the trail crosses the bridge to the west side of the river to link up with the White Pine Trail State Park.

There are plans to extend the Grand River Edges Trail both north and south of its current endpoints and to join the two disconnected segments

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