We’re here to help. Seriously.
We will listen to you and help you find a solution.

People have come in our doors, noticed an expensive bike and said, “You’re a serious shop. You don’t have anything for me.” This makes us cry. Yes, we do have a couple of brutally expensive bikes. They’re neat. We also have very nice, affordable bikes. They’re also neat. The question is, can we find the right bike for you? I think we can, and we’ll sure as heck try.

We serve the greater Kalamazoo area. You’re our people. We ride where you ride. We know the local scene. We like to do the stuff you like to do. Yeah, we have this new e-commerce component to our site, but we did it to make us a better *local* shop.

These are our priorities in all things we do:

  • Ensure that our customers are happy to have done business with Pedal.
  • Respect and value our employees.
  • Treat our vendors as we wish to be treated.
  • Everything else.

Employment at Pedal

We’re always looking for someone who can make us better. Maybe it’s you!

Monkeys on Typewriters

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