Many are the days that have passed since I posted a few pics of the Guru Praemio titanium frame we received. Since then we’ve built the bike with a SRAM Red drivetrain, HED Ardennes SL wheels, a Ritchey cockpit and a Thomson seatpost. It’s a very understated, very cool bicycle that weighs just over 16 lbs.


Guru Praemio
A fine titanium bike.
All the cool kids dig the white tape.
Nice dropouts!
130 BCDs of Force
Beauty Shot

And there it is. If you’re thinking about a custom bike or a titanium bike or especially a custom titanium bike, this is worth a look. Keep in mind that Guru does is for you. You want a bike stiffer than this? Done. You want a bike like this but for loaded touring? Done. You want a different finish? Done. All of those options and many more are part of making your Guru yours.

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