We had a customer in the shop the other day who took a look at a few of the bikes on display and said, “Woah!  This must be a place for serious cyclists.”

I almost cried.

While Pedal is a place for serious cyclists, it is also a place for beginning cyclists, commuters, kids, folks who want nothing more than to ride a few miles on the Kal-Haven Trail, triathletes. Everybody. Yes, there is a very expensive and flashy bike on display in the window right now, but you don’t have to want that bike. I sincerely, deeply hope and believe that somebody wants it, but that somebody doesn’t have to be you.

Feel free to talk to us about what you want. Please don’t be afraid of the bikes you don’t want. We won’t force one on you. Promise.

Pedal for Hope

Today was Pedal for Hope. What a marvelous event. Good energy. Very good organization. Fun instructors. And an incredibly worthy cause, the West Michigan Cancer Center. My sincere thanks to TJ for spearheading things and allowing Pedal to participate.

Every last one of us has been affected by the awful thing that is cancer. If you have a couple extra bucks in your pocket, please consider a donation to either Pedal for Hope or the West Michigan Cancer Center.

Thank you.


A customer came in last night and said, “You need to put some current pictures on your site. I don’t think people know that you actually have stuff.” Stuff? We have stuff. Cool stuff.

And now we see how bad I am at this picture upload/format/edit thing. I ask your forbearance in advance.

Shadow on the pegboard



Tubes and Hydration


Baselayers, Hats, T-shirts

Jamis galore

Blurry Bikes

Many are the Giros

A Helmet for Every Head

Lovely apparel.


Staunch that hunger!



Guru! Derailleurs! Knowledge! Power!

Pedal is very excited to have signed up with our second bike company this week.  Guru crafts handmade, custom bicycles in Montreal, Canada.  If you’re looking for a very special triathlon/TT, road or cyclocross bike, come talk to us about Guru. For your ogling pleasure, we’ll have examples of Guru’s work in the shop soon, a carbon Photon and a titanium Praemio. Yum.

Guru speaks to the advantages of a custom bike here.

More than one person recently expressed an interest in classes or seminars or some ilk of training for the home mechanic or that person who’d just like to understand more about the way bicycles function. I don’t think there’s a better time for this sort of thing than right now, when we’re looking at snow and single-digit numbers on the thermometer.  This Saturday, February 12th, Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, at noon, we’ll take a look at derailleurs. So French! So complicated! So much fun! You need only bring your body and maybe a scrap of paper if you think something interesting might be said.  We’ll supply a bike with derailleurs, a work stand and a mechanic. And fun. Hope to see you there.