Pedal University – South Edition

Pedal U. will teach you how to tune up your bike. It consists of four (4) hours of instruction over the course of four (4) evenings -- November 27, 29, December 4 and 6 -- starting at six o'clock. The …

Tryptophan = Trip to Fun!

We're closing the shop on Black Friday, so let's ride off some of the traditional Thanksgiving excess. We'll meet at Texas Corners Park at 11:00. Plan for one route of approximately 25 miles and another for about 35. This is a ride …

Monkeys on Typewriters

Each month we go to the zoo and hand out typewriters to monkeys. After a few days, we collect their thoughts and format them into an email newsletter suitable for framing or birdcage lining. Sound good? Enter your email below and check it out.

Note: we will never ever ever ever share your email. Ever. No monkey will contact you directly.